Monday, July 8, 2013

IMJ Challenge- Lose 30 lbs in 87 days~

I have a challenge I would like to propose to you all. From July 1- September 25, 2013 my goal is to lose 30 lbs. I know it seems like a lot in a short time but really it is not. I have been setting myself up for this for sometime now. I just need to focus in more on the goal. Here's how I will get there:
  1. No white bread
  2. No chips/junk
  3. No ice cream
  4. No soda
Increase the following:
  1. Cardio 6 days a week
  2. Three cardio ONLY days 2 hours sessions
  3. Two evening sessions of cardio or yoga per week
  4. On lift days (3 days a week) add cardio min 20 mins max 45 mins (time permits)
  5. Add more fruit
  6. Add more vegetables

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Grief!! What happens when you don't deal with it?

So, the last couple of days I have been thinking about my mother. I lost my mother back in 1999 but I did not grief her death until 2010. I just keep moving and going. I never stopped to allow her death to sit with me. I knew she was no longer her on Earth with me but I just couldn't imagine never seeing her again. I loved my mother with all of my heart. On our last visit together we spent the most AMAZING week together.

I had flown home to surprise her for Mother's Day. I told her I was not going to be able to come home. But in all actuality I had everything planned down to the minute I would pop up and surprise her. When I arrived home and surprised her she was so HAPPY. We spent that week together every single minute and day. We laughed talked, laughed and joked around. We ate, went to her favorite place, a flower yard, but she just didn't have the strenght to hang out. My mother could go to a flower shop and hang out for hours---I mean hours. It was so bad that we use to hate driving by one because we knew she would stop and spend 2 to 3 hours just looking and smelling the flowers. It took me years to be able to go into a flower shop or garden sesction of a store after she passed.

But my point for telling you all this is to say I gained so much weight by not allowing myself to grieve. I really never even noticed the weight year after year. Then one Saturday night before Mother's Day I decided I wanted to read my journal about the week my mom passed. I read it that night and not much happened. But the next day in church I lost it. At my church, Pastor always gives a red rose to women who's mother has passed and a white rose to those whom had mothers still here. When I recieved my rose I just broke down in tears. I could not stop crying. I cried all the way home and the next day I cried. It was so bad that I could not go to work because my eyes were swollen!

But that was the beginning of me healing myself. I released the hold I had on my heart about my mother. And I cried. I will put pictures up of me and my mother the last week we were together. You will see I was not overweight at all. In the other picture of me in 2007.  Look what grief can do you. So, I say to anyone dealing with the loss of a loved one, grief and let it out so you can move on.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

This Will Make You Laugh!

Here's something to make you laugh. Laughter is great medicine for the soul. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

This journey has many layers to it but the biggest one is what you see when you look in the mirror. I believe this is the hardest part of the journey~ changing your mindset. The mind's eye can lead you to great changes or none at all. You may workout hard, eat well and still you view yourself as a "FAT" person. I believe until you address this demon you will forever "yo-yo" diet. For me, I take pictures to remind myself of the work I have done and the changes happening to my body. I can't always see the changes but when people see me that haven't seen me in a while they are really surprised. They always say you have lost SO MUCH weight. I always feel a like embarrassed because I haven't lost "so much" weight.

My body has changed because I am lift weights and yes I have lost weight. But to me 32 lbs is not a lot of weight for my body (see, there I go being hard on myself). Let me say good job but I guess what I am waiting on is my cloths to fall off, LOL, then I will think man, "I have lost a lot of weight." But I have to be kinder to myself and be grateful to my body for releasing 32 lbs! GO ME GO!

Thursday, June 6, 2013 attempts!

On Friday of last week I had this bright idea that I should do burpees. So, me being who I am I tried to get the guys in the gym to join me--NONE of them would. Can you believe that a bunch of chickens! When I came in on Monday I told one of the guys it was time to do burpees and he laughed. He said he would watch me do them. Long story short I got him to do one and only one. I asked him to demonstrate the exercise for me. LOL...

I then had him to record me doing burpees. OMG! These this are HARD! I thought I was going to pass out. I ended my exercise session with burpees, bad IDEA. I was exhausted but even if I had done them first I would have still be exhausted because this exercise is difficult. Well, here it is day #3 and I have done burpees each day. I haven't done a lot of them but I am doing them each day after my workout session. Maybe tomorrow I will do them first before I start my session and see if that helps at all.

I recorded myself today do "my" modified burpee. I had to break it down because I do not have great form with this exercise right now and it is DIFFICULT. For now, I have "bur" but I will get stronger and be able to do a complete burpee. I can't even do a full, military, push up yet and who am I kidding doing a burpee. But hey my thing is to always CHALLENGE myself because I believe I can do anything.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Legs Day!

What a workout!! This morning I worked my legs and boy did I work my LEGS. I love doing SQUATS even through it kills me. I usually start my squats with 45 lbs (that's the bar ONLY), then I go to 65 lbs, 85lbs, 95 lbs, 105 lbs, 115 lbs, 125 lbs and end with 130 lbs. I feel it all OVER. I know I will not be able to sit on the toilet with our crying out.

Once I completed my squats sessions this morning, I moved on to leg press. I did up to 220 lbs today. Then I moved to hip adduction/abduction starting at 130 lbs and moved up to 160 lbs (15 reps each). Then I did lunges, I have to admit I usually skip these! I really don't like them. I feel like I get so off balance on my left side. But I made a promise to myself to not skip them this month. Maybe I will get better and possible like them.

I ended my workout with planks and stretching. I did a full extended arm PLANK. I was NEVER able to do that before now. I am making progress!! I can really feel and see it now. GO ME GO!!! What are you guys doing? What are you most proud of?

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Have You Ever?

Today is cardio Saturday for me. It's the day I go into the gym to running on the treadmill, get on the elliptical,  stairclimber or any other combination I decide. My goal is to sweat hard! When I leave I am usually exhausted but refreshed. My Saturday's are not complete or started until I hit the gym.

Exercise makes me happy. It keeps me focused. But then I have these thoughts of chips right after a good  Saturady workout. It's the "devil" I tell you. LoL! Also, today I weighed in at Weight Watchers & I lost 2 lbs. So, I must stay the course.

I have also noticed when I lose weight I want junk as if I am trying to keep myself for being successful. This really bothers me & I must get to the bottom of it.